Our design and manufacturing philosophy is uniquely Fleetwood. Others make “good” products, but we purpose to manufacture products with quality similar to fine furniture. We strive to emulate the core tenets that make the United States of America the greatest country in the world. We proudly build the American dream of success with gratitude to God, a culture of honest hard work, and a relentless pursuit to “build it better”, not faster.

EDGE Collection

Edge |p| Edge |s| Edge |f|

GEN 4 Collection

Series 4400-T, Series 4070-T, Series 450-T

3 Series

Series 3070, 3070-T, 3070-HI, 3050, 3000, 3000-T, 3900-T, 3200-T,
3600-T, 3800-T, 350-T, 330-T

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